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We all have certain natural talents - ways of thinking, feeling,  and behaving that we use when we are at our best. These talents engage us to achieve more, let us feel fully alive when we use them, and to work smarter and harder as we get stuff done. 


Getting to know our talents and seeing how we can use them as strengths has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways.  We have seen this same effect in countless others that have read StrengthsFinder 2.0, those that have been through one of our strengths training sessions or been on a team we've helped introduce to strengths.  This is why we are offering a free monthly series to gather like-minded people to discuss their strengths journey.


We hope this serves as a chance to learn more fully about our talents, to network with others, and a chance to celebrate our success with strengths.


We have designed the meetup to be for both those that are new to strengths and curious about StrengthsFinder and their unique talents, as well as those that have already taken the assessment to discover their Top 5 Talent Themes.  


If you know your results, please bring them with you (a list of your Top 5 or one of the Gallup reports from your StrengthsCenter Dashboard).  


If you wish to take the CliftonStrengths assessment beforehand, you can find information on how to purchase access directly from Gallup here, as well as an introductory exercise that helps identify your talents as areas of strength. 

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