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Our Services: Consulting


Samples of recent consulting projects include:
- The re-organization of reporting relationships and work teams for a mid-sized non-profit to better make use of talents and strengths of those in leadership roles and the line staff.
- A series of retreats and in-service meetings to bring a new senior leadership team together as one high-performing unit; achieved desired outcomes such as higher level of trust among the team, appreciation of individual and team strengths, and a collaboratively-built shared understanding of best practices they will hold each other accountable to as leaders and managers of the organization.
- Re-invention of the performance appraisal process for a large corporate firm; shifting away from universally-despised annual review and discussion meeting to a 'manager-as-coach' model that will result in large increases in employee engagement, overall performance, and far less frustration.
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Sometimes a client just wants to engage our services to get a project done ASAP.  Or perhaps they wish to have us review an idea to weigh in with some expert advice and counsel.  Lastly, they may want a highly experienced partner to work with them as they bring something new into their organization.
One of the gurus of modern-day consulting (Peter Block, in his book "Flawless Consulting") described each of the above-mentioned methods as ways of using external consultants: a pair-of-hands, a topic expert, or a collaborative partner.  
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