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Our Services: Coaching


As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach consulting practice, our coaching services are designed to inspire and guide clients towards much more frequent use of their strengths and to raise awareness of the individual, situational, and organizational factors that increase their engagement.
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Developmental Coaching is a professional partnership and collaboration aimed at increasing a person’s capacity to achieve organizational outcomes and metrics.  The coach provides support, feedback, and advice to the coachee.  The goal is to expand the way the coachee views and thinks about situations as they create and implement constructive plans of action in their personal and professional lives.
Developmental Coaching then is an “inside out” process that focuses on how the coachee makes sense of what is occurring and through the process of discovery approaches the resolution of problems and the achievement of goals in new and more constructive ways.
The Developmental Coaching Process used by the coach represents a correct balancing between inquiry and advocacy with an over-weighting towards inquiry.
  • Inquiry – using open-ended questions to help the coachee discover different ways of thinking and acting.
  • Advocacy – offering suggestions and advice for the coachee to consider trying out and incorporating into the way the coachee thinks and acts.
We target our coaching services to meet specific client needs, as well as their role within their organization.  As all coaching is highly customized, it is difficult to adequately describe how the coaching process will work for each person.  
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